Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Green Vision

The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Help Your Neighborhood “Go Green”?

Become a Member of the National Green Team!

We will help create a “Green Vision” for your neighborhood or school.

Bob Berkebile, renowned architect, says the most important thing for a community is to agree on a plan – Once the plan is agreed to, implementing it is much easier.

Your National Green Team membership fee helps create an exhibit and gallery, which becomes the Vision Board blueprint to implement your neighborhood plan to “Go Green.”

“We are honored to be enshrined in the Environmental Hall of fame and proud to participate in supporting the Chicago Area Green Teams, [along with] the Chicago Park District and Chicago Public Schools.”
~ Mike Luffrano, Cubs senior vice president, community affairs

Receive 100’s of dollars in discounts from local businesses with a one year membership and over 10 benefits below.

For more information, please call 641-451-5199.

Member Benefits:
Free Special Reports
Free Green Curriculum
Tell Your Green Story Online
Earn Income with Green Products
Free Green eBooks and Downloads
Sponsor an Exhibit in Green Gallery for Your
Business, School, Neighborhood or City
Members Receive Their Name in the Exhibit
Free Ticket Environmental Hall of Fame Awards
Discounts on Green Businesses and Catalog Items
Nominate Organizations to Environmental Hall of Fame
You Can Receive This Card for Free -- Benefits Added Monthly

All this for Green Team members!


Anonymous said...

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